Barna Magyarosi

Director, Departments of Education and Family Ministries





Christiane Eliane Tuor

Office secretary, Departments of Education, Family Ministries, and Biblical Research Committee

Christiane Tuor was born in Rochefort/mer, France.

Christiane completed a high school diploma in France in 1975. She has worked all her life as a secretary. First at a photographer’s, then for the administration of a private clinic in France. She worked at the Euro-Africa Division Communication and Stewardship Departments between 1980 and 1985. She has been working at the Education and Family Departments since 1985 and at the Biblical Research Committee since 2003.

She likes learning. Therefore she prepared three certificates: Advanced Management Certificate, Individual and Teambuilding Coaching Certificates. Her other interests include reading, swimming, walking, cycling, gymnastics, listening to music.